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International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Advocacy Clinic

means promoting respect for and protection of
international human rights and humanitarian law, either in
relation to specific (individual) cases or, more generally, in
relation to broader situations/topics. This means:
- Reporting
- Campaigning
- Lobbying
- Any other means used to influence relevant actors (especially
policy- and decision-makers at any level)
The spring-summer school will consist of:
- A clinical activity: Participants will work on team
projects proposed by various entities working in the
advocacy field and carry it out over the course of the
trimester; and
- An intensive series of seminars.
- Develop your knowledge of available avenues for civil
society participation at the international, European, and
national level.
- Learn how to access these avenues to advocate for States’
and other actors’ compliance with international human
rights and humanitarian law.

April-July 2024.